Deborah uses colour, marks and texture on clay and paper to leave a record of sensations and feelings. Current work reflects the fleeting fragments of her encounters with the seasons and the exuberant joyous response inspired.


Deborah’s hallmark clay stacks can be found in situ at Marle Place gardens and in private collections. Other works include figures, deconstructed bowls and nests.

Debsmarlewintercairn Debsmarleconversation1 img762 DebsMarleSC05030EasterRhythms
Summer Cairn Conversation (one of a pair) Water Cairn Easter Rhythms Broken Nests


Gestural brush marks on paper and wood reveal feelings and sensations using space, light and the language of colour.

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Night Window 1 Autumn from my window Bedroom window Honouring Mary Night Window 2


A project underway since 2007 to create one thousand Tear bottles is nearing completion. The works have most recently been exhibited at St Dunstan’s, Mayfield. Watch out for exciting news about their destination in 2015…

“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not a mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are the messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition and of unspeakable love.” – WASHINGTON IRVING

Inspired by the small vessels used in ancient times to collect tears as a mark of respect during mourning, these hand-thrown individual ceramic bottles symbolize the emotions of joy, love, sorrow and remembrance. Tear bottles date back to the times of David who was born in 1055 BC who made a reference to collecting tears in his prayers to God.

All handmade and individual – these beautiful pieces are burnished, smoked, glazed, embedded with glass, perfect or warped and represent heart size containers, from the smallest baby to the largest man.

Current work includes a range of painterly tiles – each one an artwork in itself.

DSC05187 Coilpot05 002 021
1000 tear bottles Cabbage Sun, sea and sand Burnt 3 1000 tear bottles


Deborah has worked with the environment at St Denys, Rotherfield to create spiritual spaces for contemplation and reflection.

Deborah works with a range of media encompassing sculpture, ceramics, painting and installations. She also regularly undertakes commissions and is happy to discuss your personal requirements.

Work can be seen at exhibitions or by private arrangement.

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Fold home, fast fold thy child The vine Tread softly Fold home, fast fold thy child Love never ends