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Exhibition in Rotherfield July : “Repaired in Gold”

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Deborah Tompsett’s latest works, including the new piece Abundance, went on display at the Courtyard Cafe, Rotherfield in July.

The images above from the window display show the beautiful “repaired” broken jars in the tradition of the Japanese art form Kintsukuroi. Each pot has been lined and decorated with gold leaf and gold bronzing powder.

The photos below by Bradley Fretwell of the art piece Abundance give an idea of the exhibition. These images are also for sale at the exhibition.

Also included in the “Repaired in Gold” exhibition – new ceramics continuing the exploration of melted glass and clay and a selection of paintings inspired by the Sussex and French landscape.

It was an unmissable experience.

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Abundance: Art & Meditation at St Denys, Rotherfield


A new piece was displayed during the Art and Meditation series at St Denys, Rotherfield, East Sussex in Lent. The piece, “Abundance” evolved as Easter Sunday approached. 

The inspiration for this art piece has been taken from the New Testament story of the Wedding at Cana, during which Jesus subverts the expectation of the guests by turning the water in the purification jars into wine, showing God’s abundant generosity and grace.

Each week, during the period of Lent, the art piece evolved as a new jar was made and added to the display.

At Easter an unpredictable change occurred. The arrangement was disturbed and some of the jars were broken and filled with gold leaf symbolising how, after an encounter with God, the ordinary becomes extraordinary and God’s overflowing love is revealed. Images of its transformation at Easter are posted below. Finally the broken jars have been repaired , in the tradition of the Japanese art form Kintsukuroi , and each pot has been lined and decorated with gold leaf and gold bronzing powder.

The exhibition of these will be in preview in the windows of the Courtyard Cafe from 26 June.

Repaired in Gold.

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Following an extension from the original closing date, the installation of tear bottles in Chichester Cathedral has now come to an end. The visitors book demonstrated the very powerful response from all who experienced it. Here are just a few of those comments:

Very beautiful, peaceful.

Tear bottle installation is emotional reminding us of so much war and sadness in the modern world.

Very exquisite and touching

Tears mean anguish, pain and suffering which is sometimes never healed.

Simple, beautiful, Radiant.

A beautiful river of tear bottles very movingly displayed.

Beautiful, all so different. Very evocative.

I am often moved to tears. It was an encouragement to be reminded of the power of them. Thank you!

Very beautiful and interesting



Exciting news!

It has just been announced that Chichester Cathedral will be featuring Deborah Tompsett’s work in an exhibition of 1000 tear bottles from 18 February to 18 April.