Currently working with schools in Frant, Mark Cross and Wadhurst – as both an after-school club tutor and as a creative practitioner, facilitating curriculum based projects and collaborative installations to enhance the school surroundings.

Case Study: Frant Primary


At Frant: I worked collaboratively with children from year 6 (in their last term at a new-build school) on an installation of mosaics. The children selected the themes.

The mosaic is a piece of work that looks wonderful in the school reflective area. Thank you so much for all your endless patience and encouragement in your work with the children. They felt a real ownership of the work because you had so expertly used all their ideas in the final design.’ Jean Hare (Year 6 teacher).

The project concept was for Frant pupils to design and execute a piece of art work to go in the new reflective area of the playground:

A mosaic was decided upon because of its durability. the children discussed what they wanted the mosaic to give to the school – a feeling of calm , an expression of the schools christian ethos , exciting colours and patterns and, importantly, a touch of gold right at the centre. The design developed from studies of the never-ending patterns found in celtic art and of natural spiral patterns. The final design incorporated elements of all their designs with a unanimous agreement on the main colours of turquoise , gold and red. The tiles were cut and positioned by the children with the casting done off-site.

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